Paul Watson

Welcome to my little bit of SmugMug! Here you'll find my efforts using a recently purchased Canon EOS 1D Mk III, and on rare occasions a Canon 40D bought as a back-up. Don't be surprised if I also don't slip a few pictures taken with my old camera kit (EOS 10D) over the next few weeks as I get to grip's and sign-up to the SmugMug photosharing way of life.

I'm mainly into aviation photography but recently I have been dipping my toes into a bit of motorsport and landscape photography.

On the computer front, I've been using Apple computers, both for work and pleasure, for quite a few years now. I'm in the ever decreasing typesetting industry here in the UK, and have quite a good knowledge regarding QuarkXpress and a growing knowledge of Adobe's InDesign. The hope is to collate my images into a book someday, just as a record of the pictures I've taken.

I hope you enjoy my images, and please feel free to leave critique and comments, as I hope to improve my efforts in this ever expanding and changing world of photography!

All images are the copyright of Paul Watson. Please ask permission before using any of my pictures.

Recent Fotos